Danum Homeware will help you achieve yours or your loved one’s personal needs and wishes, while supporting you through your plan.
Each plan is flexible and unique, and all existing routines are taken into account – whether there’s a certain nightly routine that you have, medication schedule that you follow, or a hobby that’s important to you.
If, for whatever reason, your or your loved one’s needs change, the carer will still be there to help, and will be as flexible as possible when delivering your care. 
Domiciliary care is not just for the elderly. It can be equally important to children, young people and people with a host of different care and support needs.
Domiciliary care can involve help with such things as getting up in the morning and going to bed in the evening, dressing, preparing meals and drinks and maintaining basic standards of hygiene and cleanliness.
Danum care workers don’t just help with daily tasks such as the laundry, cooking, washing and dressing, they also provide emotional support to clients. Sometimes clients simply want someone to chat to.
Whether you require tailored personal care at home, medication support, housekeeping help or a quick chat, our carers can help. Our team can also talk you through the funding options that may be open to you, including local authority or continuing healthcare.
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Cancer Care • Cleaning Service • Companionship • Dementia • Domestic Services / Home Help • Elderly Care • Food Preparation & Serving • High Dependency Care, two carers attending • Hospital Discharge • Learning Disability • Medication Assistance • Mental Health Condition • Palliative Care • Personal Hygiene Care • Physical Disability • Respite cover • Sensory Impairment • Shopping Service / Errands • Sit in Service
Our Respite Care Service can provide loved ones and family members with a much needed rest, on a regular basis, as and when a carer is required, or for emergency respite should your caregiver fall ill,
No matter how committed you are to the needs of your loved one it’s so important to make time for yourself. That’s where we come in to help.
Whether it’s covering a two-week holiday, a short break or urgently because of sickness, we’re here when you need us to offer one-to-one care.
Danum care team are professionally trained to assist with a range of conditions that may affect you, whatever your age including dementia, strokes, physical and learning disabilities, mental health and Parkinson’s Disease, and we can tailor a plan to suit your preferences.
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A change in routine and environment can be very daunting for someone who’s living with dementia. That’s why more families than ever are turning to home care rather than residential care, so their loved one can stay in the place they know and love.
Whether you’re looking for ongoing support or a regular visit, Danum Carers will help your loved one have one-to-one attention in their own home.
With hundreds of different strains of this sometimes debilitating condition, and many different stages, one of our carers will maintain your loved one’s everyday routines and can ease the strain on your family.
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Visiting care 
Visiting Care offers the support you want, when you need it, so you can continue living from the comfort of your own home. With help from as little as half an hour a week or up to several visits a day, a visiting carer can make all the difference.
Danum Homcare are here to help when you need it most and believe the best kind of care is care that’s reliable, consistent and completely custom-made to you. 
From support with your medication and going to the toilet through to knowing your favourite meal and whether you prefer a bath or shower, our visiting care service lets you continue living the life you want, on your terms.